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Time Travel: Places You Wish You Could Visit in a Different Era

Right look, wrong era

We’re lucky to live in an age where traveling is relatively easy, safe and doable.  At this very moment there are interesting things happening all over the globe and history in the making to witness.  But sometimes, when you hear stories of how things used to be, don’t you wish you could go back in time and visit a place during the height of its heyday?

If I could manage to track down a time machine here’s where I’d go travel.

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Where and How to Sleep when Traveling

Sleep is a hot topic of debate among global travelers.  We seem divided over whether sleeping is a worthwhile pursuit when you’re far from home.   On one hand time spent sleeping is time not spent sightseeing or exploring.  Some argue you should max out your time traveling and worry about sleep afterwards.  On the other hand sleeping is a luxury.  Many of us don’t get the sleep we need or want when we’re busy with life at home.  Your travel time is YOUR time, which means alarm clocks and early mornings should stay far away and leave you in peace.

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Go Travel: Hermanus

Hermanus is the perfect spot to go travel for a weekend getaway.

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What Not to Pack

Travel blogs love to tell you what to pack.  Fair enough, for new travelers – especially backpackers – it can be difficult to prioritize what to take, especially when you’ll have to carry all of it around on your back wherever you go.  But I’ve found that these travel blog suggestions tend to go a bit overboard.   Pretty soon you find that you’re set for any situation that could possibly arise – and have a thousand pound bag to drag around.  To help eliminate the unnecessary, and give your poor back a bit of relief, here are my suggestions of what NOT to pack.

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Cape Town Debate: Blouberg is Better than Camps Bay

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Blouberg is the most underrated part of Cape Town.  Guides and travel blogs about Cape Town are always telling you to go travel to Clifton and Camps Bay.  They make it out like those are the only two areas worth visiting.  Not so!  While, admittedly, Clifton and Camps Bay are beautiful and a lot of fun, Blouberg is better.

Here’s why.

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Go Travel: Cape Town Kite Surfing

Cape Town is a chilled out beach town.  It might technically be a city, but it has the same laid back attitude of the tiny surfer towns  you find up and down the coast.  Maybe it’s the slow pace of town that makes the adrenaline rush of kite surfing seem all the more extreme.

The best place to kite surf is right in the heart of Blouberg, and the best place to learn is at Yo Mojo.

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Our First Guest Post

What Animals Can Teach Us About Traveling

Here’s a quick interruption to our normal blogging schedule to let  you know I am celebrating Beyond Disney Travel Tips’s  first ever guest blog post – What Animals Can Teach Us About Traveling.  A big ol’ thank you to Danny and Jillian of I Should Log Off travel blog for publishing today’s post!

St. Paddy’s is Not Just for Drunks…?

Must...punch...this leprechaun

Contrary to popular belief Saint Patrick’s Day is not just for drunkards.  In fact it finds its historical roots back in the long-ago times of…

– Oh wait, that’s my beer. –

Anyway the Day of Saint Patrick dates all the way back to…

-Seriously, that’s my beer.  Don’t drink it. –

…the seventeenth century.  Saint Patrick’s Day is a day for celebrating the Irish spirit that embodies perseverance, diligence, emp

-Touch me beer again and I’ll clop you.-

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Be the Person You are on Vacation

You’re amazing when you’re traveling.  You laugh more, worry less and even seem to figure out how to flirt.  In the midst of the exotic you become a more fun, open-minded and tan version of your home self. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to stay this intrepid, free thinking form of You even when you’re back into the rut and gut of real life? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to carry on throwing caution to the wind and spontaneously dancing even once you’re back into your stuffy work suit?

Well then, do it.

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Go Travel: Cape Town Beach Bars

Cape Town is a young city right on the water.  People there like to go to the beach.  And they like to drink.  So naturally there are a number of beach bars to choose from.  To help you choose which one to go travel to on the next sunny afternoon here are a few pictures of one of the best beach bars in Cape Town – Moyo.

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