St. Paddy’s is Not Just for Drunks…?

Must...punch...this leprechaun

Contrary to popular belief Saint Patrick’s Day is not just for drunkards.  In fact it finds its historical roots back in the long-ago times of…

– Oh wait, that’s my beer. –

Anyway the Day of Saint Patrick dates all the way back to…

-Seriously, that’s my beer.  Don’t drink it. –

…the seventeenth century.  Saint Patrick’s Day is a day for celebrating the Irish spirit that embodies perseverance, diligence, emp

-Touch me beer again and I’ll clop you.-

…athy.   The Irish have long been misrepresented as hooligans overly prone to too much Guinness.  The nation of Ireland revolves around quaint country life and family values.  The Irish are a proud people who strive to be models of self-control and hard work.

-That’s it, you twisted leprechaun.  Drop that farking beer or I’ll smash this on yur head.  Now you’re after my whiskey, eh?  Let me teach your face a bit about taking other people’s things.–

Ireland is a country of peaceful folk who live their lives with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts.  An Irish home is always open to a weary traveler, who’ll be invited in to sit next to a warm fire.  The only thing warmer will be the love of an Irish family that penetrates the rolling green hills of the land.

-Fark!  Where’d he come from?  What’s this now?  Is it a proper brawl yee want?  Come ‘ere ‘n I’ll give it to yer. –

St. Patrick’s Day is a time to be with one’s family and reflect upon the blessings of life.  It’s a day to enjoy a home cooked meal with your closest kin and instill the values of Ireland in the little ones; a time to appreciate all that the good Lord has bestowed upon you.

-Come back here you little fark or I’ll fark you up with this farking fork!-

It’s a time to overcome stereotypes and learn to respect our fellow man. Be proud to be Irish, or if you’re not so lucky to be from this gorgeous nation, be proud to be among the Irish on this; their day of quiet celebration.

Fark!  That farking fork farking hurt, you farking little sheet.  I’ll show you how it felt!-

This Saint Patrick’s Day remember the values of the Irish.  Reach out to friends and let family know how much you love them.  Bring a little piece of Ireland to wherever you may be on this sacred day of tranquility and peace.

Alright now, suppose we’re even.  Let’s get a round of whiskies here! –

Happy St. Paddy’s to yee young lads ‘n lassies, be yee in Irurlernd or elsewhere in de wuurld.

Kiss me I'm Irish (he's not really Irish)


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6 responses to “St. Paddy’s is Not Just for Drunks…?”

  1. Colleen says :

    OMG, I lmfarkinao reading this. I’m Irish too (and proud of it). Happy St.Paddy’s Day!

  2. Dale says :

    Haha, love it.

  3. Alex says :

    Did you really punch that poor leprachan?

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