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Going Wild in the Wild


That’s the word I’ve been looking for.  For hours I spent searching the ol’ noggin for a word that would sum up the Kruger Park here in South Africa.  Exciting?  Gorgeous?  Unpredictable?  They weren’t quite right.  Then came Wild.  Wild works.  After all, Wild is the whole point of the Park; wild land and wild animals preserved and protected to maintain their wildness.  This is one not-so-small part of the world (it’s bigger than the country of Wales!) that values Wild.

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It Takes A Lot to Impress a Lion

Must be nice to be a king – or queen – of the jungle.  While tourists from all over the world oo’d and aww’d over a lion sighting, this lioness was less inspired.  Despite the line of cars on the road next to her and the clicking of cameras big and small, she was more sleepy than surprised.  I loved watching the contrast of her nonchalance to the frenzy of the humans nearby.   I guess it takes a lot to impress a lion.

Lions and Cheetahs and Hogs…Oh my!

Someone once told me that the Kruger Park is too big.  Seeing animals is so hit or miss that you’re better off sticking with small game reserves.  After traveling to the Kruger Park myself, I feel the need to respond to that statement: stuff that.

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Yoga Class in Costa Rica

Taken in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, this travel photo shows a yoga class in action.  In this small part of the country a form of ribbon gymnastics called Le Tela (which literally translates to “The Fabric”) is popular.  I’d never seen anything like it outside of Cirque de Soleil, but was keen to try (note to readers: I was not as graceful as my friend in the picture!).

The Best Place I’ve Been

Travelers love to sit the fence.  They skirt around answering questions like, Where’s your favorite place to go?  They answer diplomatically when asked, What’s the best trip you’ve taken?  Some weird etiquette clicks in that prevents them from honestly (and brutally) telling it like it is.  I’m no exception.   I tend to take the wishy way out of giving direct answers whenever possible.  Blame it on indecisiveness or fear of offending, but I am really good at starting sentences by saying, Well that all depends…

But now I am turning a new chapter.  I am stepping out from behind a veil of uncertainty to state once and for all that the best place I’ve been is…Paris.

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The Other Side of the Hamptons

The Hamptons is not exactly the place you think of for a low-budget holiday.  But somehow JD managed to score us a free place to stay right smack in the middle of fancy pants Celebrityville, Hamptons (that’s not a real town, by the way).  We felt a bit out of place as we made our way past Richard Gere’s house and Christy Brinkley’s million dollar mansion.  Instead of Louis Vuitton bags, we had our backpacks.   Instead of bottles of champaign we had boxed wine.  But we weren’t about to complain!  We there during the early spring, the off season for Hampton social circles.  The skies were gray and it was deliciously chilly as we wandered empty streets and open beaches.  Instead of the usual glitzy Hampton scene, we spent our time exploring the shoreline.  This travel photo of JD was taken in the midst of one of our somewhat illegal trespassing moments as we made our way to a lonely dock.

How to Visit Expensive Places on a Low Budget

Even if you don’t wear fancy pants on a regular basis, you can afford to visit fancy pants locales.   The elite, exclusive and over the top travel destinations are possible to see.  That’s right even the bummiest of you bums can find a way to visit the South of France or the Hamptons.  What’s the secret to visiting an expensive place on a budget?

Fake it.  You don’t need to be rich to live rich.  By following the advice below you can make your dream vacation a reality.

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What could it be?

This is by far my favorite travel photo from Costa Rica.  Can you guess what it is?

Here’s a hint: it is not dead.

(Here’s another: it snorts).  First class ticket to Cost Rica to whoever guesses right!*

*Please note that by “first class ticket” I mean “nothing”.