Go Travel: Cape Town Kite Surfing

Cape Town is a chilled out beach town.  It might technically be a city, but it has the same laid back attitude of the tiny surfer towns  you find up and down the coast.  Maybe it’s the slow pace of town that makes the adrenaline rush of kite surfing seem all the more extreme.

The best place to kite surf is right in the heart of Blouberg, and the best place to learn is at Yo Mojo.

Kite surfing and kite boarding (similar concept, different types of boards) are big here.  Really big.  On any given day in Blouberg there can be 20, 40, 80 kites flying around the broken ship and filling the sky with a Mary Poppins-like kite spectacle.

Yo Mojo is the best surf bar in Cape Town for a beer after being out on the water all day.  It’s the place to recount stories of ridiculously high jumps and massive waves.  It’s also the spot to sign up for lessons or ask advice from local kiters, Joris and Jamal.  They’ve kited their way around the world and found their perfect spot in Blouberg.

Global travellers from around the world descend on Yo Mojo for the kiting season.  Conditions in Blouberg are some of the best anywhere on planet Earth.

Traveling to Blouberg is easy – it’s all of twenty minutes from downtown Cape Town.  Its beach is much bigger than Clifton (and its ego is a lot smaller).  Yo Mojo is open to surfers pretty much all day and has some really good drink specials at night.  Ladies, leave your heels at home.  Yo Mojo’s signature (besides the massive dog it’s named after) is its beach sand floor – perfect for breaking those drunken falls later in the night.

So go travel to Yo Mojo to experience Cape Town’s kite surfing scene.


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14 responses to “Go Travel: Cape Town Kite Surfing”

  1. Alex says :

    Love this! I’ve always wanted to learn to kite surf, sounds like now’s the time.

  2. Craig says :

    Been there, loved it. Anxious to go back.

  3. Talya Honor says :

    LOVE YoMojo…..my favourite spot back home and the first place i go when i go back 🙂

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      I have to admit that I’m a little jealous you’re actually from Blouberg (makes you much cooler than me!). Yo Mojo is an awesome place – so glad to know you keep going back!

  4. Florence Delhove Fernandes says :

    My cousin, Joris, runs Yo-Mojo with Jamal and they are very sociable, fun, welcoming characters. Anyone will feel comfortable just being around him & Jamal. Take a drive down to see Yo-Mojo even if it’s just to socialise with others or to hang out with friends. It’s a wonderful atmosphere!
    100% Recommended

  5. Amy says :

    Been desperate to try and learn how to kitebored, now even more keen

  6. Brian says :

    What an awesome sport! Have you tried it?

    Thanks for the interesting post!

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      I definitely agree, Brian! I am just learning (wow – it’s hard!) but expect to be a pro in no time. Haha! Do you kite surf? Thanks for the comment!

  7. Leticia says :

    Been there!! Best place in Cape Town!!! Awsome friends!! Love form Paraguay!!

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