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Cambodia Travel Pictures

Cambodian stone carving

Cambodia is a difficult place to describe. Its beauty is tremendous.  And so is its poverty.  Siem Reap took me back hundreds of years to mystical sort of place.  Phnom Penh brought me back into a present where people continue to struggle.  The images I have of Camboida are good, bad and definitely unforgettable.  Here are a few.

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Cambodia, Country of Mosts

young monk

Cambodia is in a perpetual state of mood swings.  It’s an up-and-down sort of place that teases away any sense of normalcy with its extremes.  After traveling through Cambodia last month I fail to find a pretty paper box to wrap it up in.  Just when you want to call it beautiful, it hurls a city slum at you.  Just when you think it’s relaxing, a tuk-tuk plows you over.  The only simple way I can sum up Cambodia is to say that it is a country of “most”; the most exotic, the most poor, the most opulent far past, the most horrific recent history, the most gracious people, the most heart-breaking stories.  Cambodia manages to win most categories for most good and most bad.

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Beer Belly Belgium

eat up fatty

Belgium, you little biscuit.  You grew on me like a nice, big  beer gut.  I met you lukewarm, and left in love.  Your people, your countryside, canals and, of course, your beer have made you a lifetime friend

For those of you considering growing your own beer belly in Belgium, and maybe learning, like, one new thing about the World Wars, here’s where I highly recommend you go.

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