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12 Reasons Why Living in Vietnam is Like Living in a Frat House

  1. animal house You Wear Pyjamas All Day Long

They are, after all, comfortable.  Can you really blame the slouchy 20-year-old frat boys or the 70-year-old Vietnamese women for wanting to wear them day in and day out?  The only difference is that frat boys know they’re being lazy.  Vietnamese grannies think they look quite nice.  Matching top and pants?  How convenient!  Who cares if they have snoozing elephants printed all over them?

  1. You Eat Strange Things for Breakfast

In college it was cold pizza and the occasional mouldy Chinese take away from your roommate’s half of the fridge.  Now it’s beef and noodle soup, chicken pate sandwiches or an entire coffee pot’s worth of caffeine in one small sip of Vietnamese coffee.  It’s all good for you.

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