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Ireland: A Good Place to Read


Some might take this title as a jilt to the Emerald Isle.  Just to be clear, I mean it in the best way possible.  Not only is Ireland the homeland of Oscar Wilde and Frank McCourt, it’s an inspiration to all who appreciate words.  The gray and the green mix into the perfect backdrop for inspiring readers, writers and daydreamers.

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The Biggest Storm in the World: Typhoon Nari Through Third Graders’ Eyes

Danang typhoon October 14 2013

Last week Typhoon Nari came to Danang.  JD and I were lucky and suffered little more than some lost plants.  Even still, it was a proper scary night that involved me sleeping in my scooter helmet.  I wasn’t the only one who was nervous.  Here to tell you what a typhoon is really like in their own, unedited words, are my third grade students.


 That day I was so scary.  I don’t like storm.  My house dore is broke.  It is heavy.  I can’t hold it.  I’m very scary.  My house got water in it.   The wind was so big.  My house broke.  

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Books and Maps

a good place to read

Nerds are wonderful.

After years of trying to pretend to be cooler than I am, I have come to love my own nerd-ity.  It might just be that I like books more than cheerleading and buy more maps than cute shoes.  I often don’t brush my hair thoroughly and lack coordination in all forms.  I’m bad at sports, worse at driving and often a miss at witty conversation.   Maybe that’s why Travel and I get along so well.

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Deauville-Trouville-Adjacent “Fleurs”

Normandy fruit

There’s nowhere like Normandy.

This northern corner of France sucked us in like flies to a Venus Fly Trap.  We went expecting to relax in the sun, surrounded by pretty flowers.  Instead we got an unforgettable trip through one of the most welcoming, historical and daydream-inspiring places I’ve ever met.

In short, here’s where we went and why we loved it.

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