Cape Town Debate: Blouberg is Better than Camps Bay

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Blouberg is the most underrated part of Cape Town.  Guides and travel blogs about Cape Town are always telling you to go travel to Clifton and Camps Bay.  They make it out like those are the only two areas worth visiting.  Not so!  While, admittedly, Clifton and Camps Bay are beautiful and a lot of fun, Blouberg is better.

Here’s why.

Bigger Beach and Better View

Camps Bay has a gorgeous view...

...but Blouberg's is even better!

If it’s beach you want, it’s beach we’ve got out Blouberg way.  It’s clean and wide and stretches for miles!  Don’t get me wrong, Camps Bay is gorgeous.  But its iconic horseshoe shape is, well, tiny.  Sure it’s nice for lying out to get a tan, but so is Blouberg.  And at Blouberg beach you can walk for hours, set up a soccer game and bring your dog (without all the rules and times of Camps Bay).  And, as an added bonus, Blouberg has that stunning view of Table Mountain that you find in all Go Travel Cape Town ads and travel blogs.  Do yourself a favor and head to Blouberg for your next beach day.

Less Expensive

Camps Bay: So beautiful yet so expensive

There’s a reason why the rich and famous love Camps Bay; they’re the only ones who can afford it.  The place does have a few good sushi and cocktail specials, but only in the middle of winter when it’s too cold to sit outside.  For the same price you can have double the food, double the drinks and double the fun (sounds like those old bubble gum ads) in Blouberg.  Downtown Blouberg is not as attractive as the Camps Bay strip, but it’s heaped with bars and restaurants of all kinds, most with breathtaking views of the sea and mountain.  Whether you’re in the mood for Indian food, sushi or tapas you’ll find it less expensive in Blouberg.

Kite Surfing

Go kite surfing or enjoy watching

Blouberg has kite surfing.   Camps Bay doesn’t.  If you like to be active then this one should be a no-brainer.  If you like to lie lazy on the beach, this still should be a no-brainer.  Even if you’re not a kite surfer (or kite boarder, or stand up paddler, or regular surfer) watching other people kite surf is awesome.  The kites are beautiful and it’s just plain fantastic to see how high some of these guys jump off the waves.  Free entertainment and a chance to burn off those tapas calories?   Blouberg wins again.

No Heels Necessary

Life's too short for pretension.

Here’s my disclaimer: I have friends who are from Camps Bay, live in Camps Bay and love to hang out in Camps Bay.  These friends are wonderful, grounded people.  But they are the exception to the rule.  When you feel the urge to trip around in nine inch heels (girls) and low buttoned shirts that make you look like a tool (guys) then, by all means, hit up Camps Bay.  But when the wave of pretension has passed, put your sandals back on and head back to Blouberg.  In Blouberg it doesn’t matter what you wear just as long as you are there.  So come on every guy, grab some girl.  Everywhere around the world there’ll be dancing.  Dancing at Blouberg beach (sorry for ruining that Mamas and Papas song for all of us).

Easier to Meet New People

So many people in Camps Bay, so many friendlier ones in Blouberg

People in Jo’burg say that people in Cape Town are cliquey.  That’s not true.  I’ve met lots of new friends in Blouberg.  Of course they’re all originally from Jo’burg.  In fact Blouberg is the new Jo’burg (with one really awesome American girl).  Again, I must mention that my Camps Bay pals are wonderful, warm and inviting people.  The thing about Camps Bay is that when you are rocking your too-cool-for-school shades you don’t want to break the image by smiling at the wrong people.  Camps Bay is a place to see and be seen and be really cool.  On the other hand when you’re relaxing in your board shorts in Blouberg you’re open to actually talking to the person next to you, or kiting with them, or playing soccer with them.  It’s much more about doing than being.

Both Blouberg and Camps Bay are stunningly beautiful.  Both have world class beaches, iconic mountains to look at and your pick of fun bars and restaurants.  But in my book Blouberg is the best place to spend my weekends.

So what do you think?  Is Blouberg better than Camps Bay?


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14 responses to “Cape Town Debate: Blouberg is Better than Camps Bay”

  1. Amy says :

    Someone had to say it, blouberg is the best!

  2. Amanda says :

    Both look beautiful. Your so lucky to live there!!!!

  3. Andy says :

    Wow, they both sound great! Nice to have choices, though Blouberg sounds more like my thing too. Excellent piece.

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      Thanks, Andy! They both are as great as they sound. Hope you get the chance to visit both soon and decide for yourself which is better!

  4. Carolyn says :

    Blouberg is too far. Camps Bay is my highlight every time I come to CPT. It’ not that expensive and no one can say it’s not pretty. Must disagree here

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      Ooo…we have a dissenter! Now this is becoming a proper debate. Carolyn, you’re right – Camps Bay is pretty (even gorgeous) and I understand why you enjoy it (although maybe Blouberg deserves a second chance?). Thanks for your honest feedback.

  5. Franki Black says :

    I love your arguments and I totally agree! ha ha. xxx

  6. Nicky says :

    You said it girl!!!
    The simple life is always better:)

  7. molenaars says :

    We might be bias but we agree 100%. You get this feeling of being on holiday as soon as you arrive. People are friendly and theres a relaxed vibe. No wonder capetonians are taking the 20min drive to come and say hallo more often. Nice blog. We like!

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