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Appreciate Where You Are

Cape Town is the number one travel destination in the world.

Its beaches, mountains, history and wine have launched it ahead of all the other Destination Greats like Sydney, Rio and, the ultimate cool city, Barcelona.  Hey, I’m not making this up.   Tripadvisor said so.  And who dare question the great Tripadvisor?  As a current resident of this fair city it’s an honor to know my home of the last two years is topping bucket lists across the globe.

And it’s also a little strange.

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Hot or Cold?

Which is better: a beach vacation or a snow holiday?  No really, I want to know.  You’re probably thinking beach, but is that because you really prefer it or because beaches tend to wind up on the front of travel brochures?

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The Leaving Side of Travelling

There’s the excitement of the unknown that permeates travel books and guides and stories and travellers, themselves.  There’s the electricity of planning out your next destination, packing your suitcase and studying maps even after you’ve memorized every river and road of your soon-to-be adventure.  It’s this eagerness that propels you forward onto planes, trains and automobiles to traverse the great wide open world.

But in order to go some place new you have to leave some place old.

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The Immature Traveller

I spy something that begins with the letter P. 

People?  Pillars?  Pineapple?

Is this really how you’re spending your time in Israel/ New Zealand/ Bolivia?  Playing I Spy?  What’s this now?  The Banana Fanana song?

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You Still Can’t Dance

Who can resist someone with a foreign accent?  They make asking for extra ketchup sound oh so exotic.  You find yourself crossing rooms or grocery stores just to ask where they’re from.  Every syllable they utter reminds you that they are cool.

One of the best parts of travelling overseas is suddenly finding that you are the one with this vocal ticket to cool-dom.

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