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Wanting vs. Doing: Make Traveling a Reality

Wanting and doing are two different things.  Lots of people want to travel.  Fewer do.  It’s not because traveling is unattainable, it’s because the doing involved scares many of us away.  Every travel blog I’ve seen has valid reasons to travel.  Every travel blog has the list of common excuses people use to not travel.  And every travel blog gives the obligatory disclaimer that I’ll give now: It’s ok to not travel.  Traveling is expensive, time consuming and involves varying degrees of discomfort.  If it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing.  But if it is your thing – something you’ve wanted to do – then do it.

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The Truly Weird of Traveling


Put aside the PC for a moment, some things are just weird.  And in travelling you’re bound to meet your fill of them.  Try and chalk it up to cultural differences all you want but somewhere deep inside of you, just to the left of the part that tells you which fork to use for dessert, you know you’re witnessing strange in all its strangeness.

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Dare to Fail

This is Kiteboarding from Scribblevision on Vimeo.

This weekend I will kiteboard.  I’ve been putsying around on the beach learning how to fly the humongous kite.  Now it’s time to strap on a board and hit the water.  I am the most uncoordinated person I know.  But sometimes you have to dare to fail.  In traveling.  At work.  In life.  So here goes nothing…

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Why Bother Traveling to Small Towns?

Global travelers tend to go to the extremes when they encounter small towns.  They over glorify them for their humble quaintness or resent their slowness.   Either way, travelers move through small towns quickly.  We see small towns as convenient stopovers on the way to the main attractions; the half way mark between bright city lights […]

Your Monday Moment of Awe: Balcony Sightings

Mondays are downers.  After the high of the weekend it’s easy to slump into a coffee cup depression as you hit your desk to start off a new week.  But it doesn’t have to be like that.  All around you are incredible sights, incredible experiences and incredible places to travel.  All around you are moments of awe.

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Go Travel to the City

When You’re Wrong, You’re Wrong

Time for me to eat my own words.  After espousing the grandeur of the middle of nowhere and bashing the foolishness of spending Valentine’s Day at a  fancy pants restaurant in the city, I went on to spend Valentine’s Day at a fancy pants restaurant in the city.

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A Middle of Nowhere Valentine’s Day

The middle of nowhere is the most romantic place to be.  Whether it’s wide open plains, a rugged mountain side or a deserted beach, the middle of nowhere dares you to be deliciously isolated.  Inviting someone to share in this wind whipped or sun baked setting is inviting them to be the focus of your attention for however long you’re there.    Forget the city scene of overpriced rose petal clichés, the middle of nowhere is the spot to travel to this Valentine’s Day.

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Your Long-Distance Relationship with Travel


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and whether you realize it or not, you do have a Special Someone – or, rather, a Special Something – to share it with. 

You are in a long-distance relationship.  You always said you’d never get into one.  They never work.  They drive you crazy.  And yet here you are, one of the suckers who couldn’t bear to end it at the airport.  So what if this particular relationship isn’t with another human?  Your relationship with Travel needs love, too.  As an expert in long-distance relationships (my boyfriend is shaking his head at me) I feel it is my duty to help you make this relationship work.

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Wow.  What else can I say?  Well maybe Thank You.  No that’s not enough.  A Big Thank You.  Still not enough.  A Big Ol’ Fat Honkin’ THANK YOU (that’s more like it) to the amazing readers, friends and supporters of Beyond Disney Travel Tips for making yesterday our BIGGEST day ever.

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Have One of Those Really Great Days

Some days are really great.  Things go your way.  You meet unexpected adventures that are surprising and fun, not euphemisms for an extra deadline from your boss.  You appreciate where you are and enjoy the people you’re with.

I had one of those days yesterday.  It was a combination of hiking, full moonlight and an impromptu party on the mountain – all on a Tuesday evening.  And in the middle of hiking up Lion’s Head I realized what makes a really great day.

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