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Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Nothing

no nothing wrong

And hella then what?

Suddenly you’re more tired than rested and you’ve missed your favorite show for the last half season, lost your spot in that book you were reading and haven’t bothered to blog or tweet or facebook, email, pinterest, text or do any noun that we now consider to be a verb.  But turns out you don’t give a what.  Sorry, Imaginary Audience and Facebook Newsfeed.  I’ve been too busy out there living life to remember to document it with copious blurred photos and drunkenly insightful posts.  And, sorry to say, but don’t look like nothing’s bout to change no time soon.  The world is calling and this computer screen can only hold me just so long before I succumb to sun and sky and scooterly life.

So off I trot…


This is Home.



And this is why I miss it.


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Happy Togetho

happy togetho

It’s great to be happy.

In the six week hiatus since the last post I have jetted off to America, had an incredible three weeks with my family, struggled through a round of goodbyes that was no less than devastating, and emerged on the other side with one great, big, silly grin.  Why?  Because the day after I arrived back in Vietnam a present landed on my doorstep…JD.

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