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Mont Saint Michel: Deliciously Scary in Dusk and Dark

magical mont saint michel

Still riding from the high of Paris, Mom and I headed deeper into the heart of our beloved France to a little place called Normandy.  We went armed with plans to read war memoirs, practice our three words of French and sip wine on rocky beaches.

We got it all.  Holy cow, France!  Once again in a seven dwarves’ Dopey sort of way, we were swept up into the intoxicating prance of All Things French.

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When Travel Expectations are Exceeded

French chandeliers

In the midst of my ever-present pining for the Great Unknown, one country regularly grabs my attention: France.  It might be cliché or even boring to focus on the most obvious travel destination, but the heart wants what the heart wants.  The delectable combination of peaches, cheese and crepes paired with a finely honed sense of style and seasoned with a light dusting of pretentiousness brings this country from the middle of Europe straight to the middle of my heart.

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Nowhere like Normandy

nowhere like normandy

In the middle of Normandy this summer, in a tiny hotel in a tiny town, I fell even more in love with France.  While the cheese and wine may help, it was more than that.  Je ne sais quoi, maybe it was the joie de vivre or the soup du jour.  Either way, France was absolutely magical.

The Undignified Demise of a Rummed-Up Slunky

thai bucket in koh phi phi

Actually the place wasn’t even called Slunky – that says Slinky now that we’re all sober

Yes, Virginia, there is a Slunky.

Although Thailand was not where I expected we’d meet.

Thailand has always held that wonderful aura of Exotic for me.  It’s got the dense jungle, mysterious temples and edible bugs to intrigue me.  However on my recent trip there I discovered I am not the only one to whom Thailand beckons.

Nope, turns out I am just a sheep in the herd.

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Green Theme in Ireland

travel Killarney

Ireland lived up to its Emerald-y reputation this summer.  There was green grass, green ivy, green leprechauns dancing about on their wee green shamrocks.  But the color that was most surprising was the blue.  No, that sky isn’t photo shopped.  We had real, live sunny blue sky days as we traipsed to the end of the rainbow.  Yowzahs!  What a trip!  Ireland, I look forward to seeing you again soon.