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You Still Can’t Dance

Who can resist someone with a foreign accent?  They make asking for extra ketchup sound oh so exotic.  You find yourself crossing rooms or grocery stores just to ask where they’re from.  Every syllable they utter reminds you that they are cool.

One of the best parts of travelling overseas is suddenly finding that you are the one with this vocal ticket to cool-dom.

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How to Be a Travel Snob: The Hierarchy of Travel Destinations

Prepare to Brag


It’s the crème de la crème of travel spots; the coolest of the cool.  It’s a place that will put others to shame for mentioning their trip to Florida.  Going there is the Medal of Honor for all who call themselves world travellers

Welcome to the world of travel snobbery.

In this backpack cluttered universe all travel destinations are not created equal.  A hierarchy exists that puts the common, the nearby and the convenient at the bottom and the remote exotic at the tippy tip top.  Travellers establish themselves as the cool kids by trekking their way to these elitely non-elite places and carry their coveted passport stamps around like a Coach purse.

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The Romance and Reality of Traveling

Everything’s ready.  Your ticket’s booked, your suitcase is packed and you’re ready to go.  You’re set to be the star of your own American in Paris or bask in The Beach’s exotic locale.  You’re hungry for pasta in the Eternal City and keen to live out the adventures of Vicky and Cristina in Barcelona.  You’re ready for the romance of travelling.

But what happens when an ugly apartment block ruins the Parisian skyline or you find more McDonald’s than quaint cafes?  What happens when your idea of a place clashes with its reality?

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Travelling Alone

You’ve been part of the buddy system since you were born.  You’re trained to work in partners, play together at recess and eat lunch surrounded by friends.  You throw pizza parties with other kids your age and maybe even wear Best Friends bracelets. In college you have a roommate in your miniature dorm and share your professors with hundreds of other students.   You move from casually dating someone to sharing a house, a bed, sometimes even a toothbrush.  You enter the real world where you work with colleagues on new projects and collaborate on new ventures.  You are an expert at operating alongside others.

So why would you want to travel alone?

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Gray Day Travels

A gray day is license to do whatever you want.  There’s no pressure to see a million sites, or climb the tallest mountain, or wake up early so as not to miss a second of excitement.  While these are the reasons you may travel, a break from your self-imposed expectations to do it all can be an essential part of your trip.

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