Seriously?  Did you really think I’ve traveled to Antarctica?  Geez, I guess you have high expectations for me.  No, I haven’t been to Antarctica because NO ONE has been to Antarctica (except my NYC room mate, Katie, but that’s a different story).  In honor of Mr. Popper I would love to go one day, but for now I will leave you with a nice picture of a penguin.  An African penguin.  Go figure.


2 responses to “Antarctica”

  1. JP says :

    haha i was like what u went?? mamma bear and i want to go as it is the only continent we haven’t been to. please tell me how katie got there!!

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      From what I understand the “easiest” ways to get to Antarctica are from the bottom of Chile or Christchurch, NZ. Katie was traveling through Chile and decided to go at the last minute (only Katie would take an impromptu trip to Antarctica!). I know it was a ten day “tour” and she went on one of the more basic ships – nothing too luxurious. Her pictures are incredible! I think we should get the details from her and go, too!

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