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Preggers at the Campsite

Coming from a completely unbiased perspective, our baby is the best baby.  Roger or Rosie Mathews has made pregnancy easy(ish).  Ok there’s still heartburn and restless leg and acne and backne and swollen hands and foot cramps, but otherwise it’s been smooth sailing. So smooth, in fact, that our move across the country became a camping one.  We tested out camping in the San Juan islands over Memorial Day and it was San Juan-derful.

The best part about camping whilst preggers, other than the camping and the being preggers, is that you get so much street cred (woods cred?).  People would stop to commend my ability to do outlandish things like, um, walk – while JD set up the entire camp and unrolled my princess foam mattress.  Budweisers were raised and nods given in approval by fellow campers when they spotted me and my s’mores.  Perhaps they were just relieved that the giant creature in the bushes was a big belly instead of Big Foot.

Not every night from Sequim to Grand Rapids was a tented one, but every night was lovely.  Here’s where JD and I went on our semi-pragmatic baby moon.

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