Europe, oh Europe where do we begin?  You are the Ultimate destination in my long and misspelled list of places to go.  The history is overwhelming.  The culture is fascinating.  The architecture, wildlife and scenery are beyond terrific.  There will never be enough time (or Euros) to get to know you the way I want to, but I will keep on trying!

United Kingdom

England, (North) Ireland, Scotland and Wales, how I love thee.  Let me snap the ways…(too lame?)  London was my first overseas destination.  I was in love at my first Mind the Gap.  As soon as I could I went back to call London home first as a student and then as a world class (?) bartender.  The UK remains a dream travel destination for me.


Although I was homesick for London, Italy took me out for gelato and soon helped me move on.  I was fortunate enough to spend six months studying in Rome and getting my fill of Italian legends, stunning sights and pizza.  You know all those corny books written about the magic of Italy?  They’re RIGHT!  I would fall in love under the Tuscan sun and eat, pray, love my way through Italy again in a heartbeat.  It’s a country that oozes romance from each crumbling building and twisty back lane.

Here are a few poor attempts to capture the allure of Italy and the UK.

It seems this is about the time I lost my camera.  Ok, Kath, be honest, you only saw like one other place in Europe.  Stop trying to sound more travelled than you are.

Fine I’ll admit most of Europe remains to be explored.  But if YOU have pictures of Europe you’d like to see here please send them to me at (you lucky duck!).  I’ll be sure to give you full credit if I put them up.

Thanks for visiting Beyond Disney Travel Tips!


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