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Ready to Go

travel the world

What’s that, Calendar?  It’s vacation time again?  Well, if you insist…

One of the most amazing parts of working at in international school in Vietnam is that you get time off for both Christmas holidays and Tet holidays.  That’s right.  After a mere three weeks back in school, I’m getting ready to pack up and jet off again.

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Jiggity Jig

my weird dog

And it was wonderful to be home again, home again.  I miss you already, Michigan!

28 Ways Travelers are All the Same

ways we are the same

Being the first tourists ever to find ourselves hilarious, JD and I spend a good deal of our time in Siem Reap cracking each other up.



Angkor Wat.

Angkor WHAT?


In retrospect (and now that the beers have worn off) I pause to appreciate how un-originial we are…all of us travelers.

To travel is to widen the mind, to open the window of thought, to dive into the sea of knowledge. 

If only.

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