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How I Love Thee, Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe

This is why.


Jiggity Jig

my weird dog

And it was wonderful to be home again, home again.  I miss you already, Michigan!

Cambodia Travel Pictures

Cambodian stone carving

Cambodia is a difficult place to describe. Its beauty is tremendous.  And so is its poverty.  Siem Reap took me back hundreds of years to mystical sort of place.  Phnom Penh brought me back into a present where people continue to struggle.  The images I have of Camboida are good, bad and definitely unforgettable.  Here are a few.

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Nowhere like Normandy

nowhere like normandy

In the middle of Normandy this summer, in a tiny hotel in a tiny town, I fell even more in love with France.  While the cheese and wine may help, it was more than that.  Je ne sais quoi, maybe it was the joie de vivre or the soup du jour.  Either way, France was absolutely magical.

Green Theme in Ireland

travel Killarney

Ireland lived up to its Emerald-y reputation this summer.  There was green grass, green ivy, green leprechauns dancing about on their wee green shamrocks.  But the color that was most surprising was the blue.  No, that sky isn’t photo shopped.  We had real, live sunny blue sky days as we traipsed to the end of the rainbow.  Yowzahs!  What a trip!  Ireland, I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Life in Sa Pa

Sa PaCan you spot the human?


…And We’re Back



Happy Year of the Snake!

This is Home.



And this is why I miss it.


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Hello, Weekend!

Good morning, Vietnam!  Happy Saturday, everyone!

Real Life Vietnam

Speaking of the people you meet when you travel…

I don’t usually take pictures of random people but this fine chap insisted – because he wanted to see the picture afterwards.  Anyway this sums up a whole other side of Vietnam, one that’s not a gorgeous beach or an ornate building.  Here’s real life Vietnam, smiling for the camera.