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Hearting Michigan


Here’s a little more love for the mitten state in my most recent guest post: Finding Adventure in Michigan.  The countdown ’til home has begun!


Guest Post Sucking Up to Da Nang

Seems we have kissed and made up after last post’s gloomy gloom outlook.  Why else would I take the time to write such a nice review of Da Nang if not for his charming looks and (debatable) great attitude?  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my much more upbeat account of Da Nang, Vietam:  Asia’s Most Underrated City!

Check out my most recent guest post at

How much Travel Planning is really Necessary?

Ahh!  I forgot to post the link to this earlier!  Here is my most recent guest post on the travel blog, I Should Log Off.  It’s called (you guessed it) “How much Travel Planning is really Necessary?”   Spoiler alert: the answer is…not that much.  Read to find out why!

Waiting for Your Next Trip

Global travelers define themselves by, well, their travels.  But what about the downtime in between trips?  What do  you do while you wait at home for your next great trip to happen?  I’ve recently become an official contributing writer at the travel blog, I Should Log Off.  My most recent guest post, The Delicious Anticipation of Your Next Trip, gives travelers like you a few tips on how to enjoy the time spent NOT traveling.  Take a look at the article for some travel ideas that will help transform your downtime into play time.

Happy travels!

Our First Guest Post

What Animals Can Teach Us About Traveling

Here’s a quick interruption to our normal blogging schedule to let  you know I am celebrating Beyond Disney Travel Tips’s  first ever guest blog post – What Animals Can Teach Us About Traveling.  A big ol’ thank you to Danny and Jillian of I Should Log Off travel blog for publishing today’s post!