Wow.  What else can I say?  Well maybe Thank You.  No that’s not enough.  A Big Thank You.  Still not enough.  A Big Ol’ Fat Honkin’ THANK YOU (that’s more like it) to the amazing readers, friends and supporters of Beyond Disney Travel Tips for making yesterday our BIGGEST day ever.

We more than doubled the number of daily views from our last biggest day, bringing us up to an unbelievable 178 views in one day.  Yowzahs!

This blog is one part hobby, one part addiction, three parts fun to write and, I hope, one part fun to read.  The fact that anyone is reading is incredible.  The fact that all of you went on to view it yesterday is just plain awesome.

Thanks for the time you take to read the musings and blabbering of a fellow Traveller!



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4 responses to “Wow”

  1. Chris says :

    No. Thank YOU!! Not only is it interesting to read, your joy in writing–and living–it leaps off the page. I look forward every day to seeing what’s next. If I can’t be there, you’re the next best thing. Keep it coming!

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      Thanks, Chris! This just made my day. So glad that you enjoy the blog. Hope you have many of your own travel adventures this year, too!

  2. Nicky says :

    And A Big Ol’ Fat Honkin’ THANK YOU to you for sharing your beautiful mind with us. You write so beautifully and it is just so easy and enjoyable to read all your posts. I wish I had your talent. Keep em comin:)

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