Your Long-Distance Relationship with Travel


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and whether you realize it or not, you do have a Special Someone – or, rather, a Special Something – to share it with. 

You are in a long-distance relationship.  You always said you’d never get into one.  They never work.  They drive you crazy.  And yet here you are, one of the suckers who couldn’t bear to end it at the airport.  So what if this particular relationship isn’t with another human?  Your relationship with Travel needs love, too.  As an expert in long-distance relationships (my boyfriend is shaking his head at me) I feel it is my duty to help you make this relationship work.

Don’t Be Jealous

You and Travel aren’t together right now and might not be for a while.  That’s hard enough.  What’s even harder is knowing that Travel is out having fun at night with other girls and guys.  You see them laughing together on Facebook and read about their fabulous adventures on Twitter.  OMG!  I’m LOVING my trip around Europe!  Even your friends become suspect as they jet off to meet Travel for three weeks in Vietnam.  But before you become That girlfriend or boyfriend – the one who nags over the phone – take a breath and remember that soon you’ll be the lucky one sharing laughs with Travel.

Show Travel You Care

Travel is in this relationship, too.  And that means Travel has all the same doubts and insecurities that you do.  Make sure Travel is confident about your long-distance relationship and show it that you care.  Spend a bit of time with Travel on websites about the places you’d like to go together.  Put some effort into this relationship.  Research the cheapest flights and the best accommodation for the two of you.  Splurge on Travel with nice Lonely Planet guidebooks and Osprey backpacks.  Give Travel some love and it will return the favour.

Keep Travel Interested (and Interesting)

Break out of your boring routine to let Travel know you’re still crushing on it.  Spruce things up with a spontaneous weekend to a place you’ve never been.  Make it exotic; somewhere hot and romantic.  Be adventurous.  Sky dive instead of just lying in the sun all day.  Scuba dive instead of just taking pictures of the water.  Take Travel out for a nice dinner when you’re together; don’t make Travel feel cheap by always being cheap.

Make Your Expectations Clear

Are you and Travel in this for the long haul or is this just a summer fling?  Be fair to both of you by letting Travel know what you think of it.  Will this become just a weekend affair or are you life partners?  You don’t want Travel crying as you walk down the aisle later on with Office Job, do you?  So, come on, have The Talk and commit to how many days, weeks, or months you can give to Travel.

Be Loyal to Travel

If you’re still both on board after The Talk be faithful to Travel.  This goes back to the whole don’t-be-jealous thing.  Make sure Travel can trust you, just like you trust it.  Save up to see Travel again.  Don’t cheat with Night Club or Shopping Sprees.  Those hussies are just using you.  You expect Travel to always be there, waiting for you with open arms and gorgeous places.  Do the same for it.  Make the effort to be together as often as possible.  Read travel articles and follow travel blogs (hint, hint) to let Travel know you’re thinking about it.

Have Faith in Travel

You’ve proven yourself loyal, now believe Travel will do the same.  This isn’t about jealousy.  This is about you believing your relationship can work.  Will work.  If there’s love, there’s a way.  Excuse me while I puke over that.  But really, you’re in this relationship for a reason.  Now have faith in that reason.  You’re not together just so you can brag about it later at the bar.  It’s more than that.  Travel is the love of your life.  With all its dirt, grime and flaws you love it still.  Have faith that next you see it, Travel will still be as wonderful and incredible as when you two first fell in love.

What are some relationship tips that have worked for you and Travel?


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12 responses to “Your Long-Distance Relationship with Travel”

  1. Sarah says :

    This is too cute! I love comparing travel to a long distance boyfriend! Made me smile!

  2. Carolyn says :

    Hmm, I wish my real long distance relationship could follow some of these rules. haha!

  3. Kim says :

    You’re such a great writer. I love your blog and can’t wait to read more!

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      Hi, Kim! Thanks for reading and for the kind comment. I love your Henry blog, too! Wish you could be here to experience Cape Town with me!

  4. Paula says :

    As one who has enjoyed an abiding, passionate, life-long love affair with travel, I really get what you’re saying here. I remember when I was in my thirties, my parents telling me that I’d get over it (Travel). I didn’t. These many years later, I’m as hot for Travel as I ever was. This has been no passing fling; it’s way down there, in my heart and soul, and time alone tells me that it never WILL be a passing thing. But like any relationship, mine with travel has evolved over time. And while it might not be as immediate and urgent as it once was, it’s still there, a deep and lasting love that I hope I never “get over”.

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      Hi Paula,

      Thanks for commenting. I don’t know if you can ever grow out of or get over travel. I like that you mention your relationship with Travel has evolved, just like other relationships do. I wish you and Travel a very happy life together!

  5. Nicky says :

    You are so clever and this is just too cute:)
    I love this and have just sent it to Ryan, he will loooove this!
    Shame I have been ignoring travel lately, time to earn some brownie points I think.
    I’m coming Travel:)))))

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      Haha! Glad you liked it! It’s always easy to overlook Travel, but I’m glad you’re giving it some love!

  6. Catherine says :

    love this.

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