Your Monday Moment of Awe: Balcony Sightings

Mondays are downers.  After the high of the weekend it’s easy to slump into a coffee cup depression as you hit your desk to start off a new week.  But it doesn’t have to be like that.  All around you are incredible sights, incredible experiences and incredible places to travel.  All around you are moments of awe.

A moment of awe is anything that takes your breath away and sticks with you after it’s over.  Travel inspires plenty of moments of awe.  They’re not always flashy.  Often they’re just as easily overlooked as they are inspiring.

Another Moment of Awe inspired by my balcony

To help start your week off on the right note Beyond Disney Travel Tips is bringing you Your Monday Moment of Awe.  This is a chance to share fantastic moments from my own travels, your travels and, hopefully, help us all be a little more aware of the wonderful around us.  Maybe that’s a bit corny, but who cares?

Today’s moment of awe comes courtesy of my balcony.  Guess what it is.

Can you guess what you're seeing?

Give up?  In front is a full sized man on a stand up board.  These are big in my side of Cape Town.  What’s even bigger is the whale just behind him.  The whale in the middle of rolling over.  The whale whose fin, flipper, arm…whatever it’s called is bigger than an entire human.

There are no granite countertops in my little apartment or marble in the bathrooms.  I don’t give a what.   My balcony is a showstopper that catches me off guard with moments of awe time and time again.  Sure sometimes I take it for granted.   After two years of living and travelling in Cape Town even whale watching becomes the norm after a while.  But then the view it gives me wakes me from blasé and forces me to appreciate where I am.

What is your Monday Moment of Awe?

Take a moment to be awed.


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10 responses to “Your Monday Moment of Awe: Balcony Sightings”

  1. Allison says :

    So cool! I can’t believe you saw that FROM YOUR APARTMENT! I am officially moving to Cape Town!!!

  2. Jenny says :

    This totally changed my Monday around. Thansks for the inspiration!

  3. Alexis says :

    How can you be so perky on a Monday? Haha. maybe if I had your balcony I would be too

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      Hi Alexis, I’m definitely not always perky on Mondays or any other day! But the post is to try and encourage everyone – including me – to be a bit more optimistic (and the balcony does help!). Thanks for reading!

  4. Candy says :

    Thanks for my much-needed Monday morning motivation. Even though I have nothing like your balcony sightings to get me pumped for the week ahead, your blog puts me in a very positive mind frame, to face the day and to be open to “sightings” of my own along the way!

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      Thanks, Candy! So happy to know the blog post (and my balcony) helped start your week off on a positive note. Happy “sightings”!

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