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Go Travel Namibia: Ghosts, Sharks and Fish River Canyon

And so here it is – the first of a three part series of Namibian travel photos (that sounds so professional).  Despite thinking about it all weekend, I still fail to find the right words to describe this country of nothingness that shocked me with its deserted beauty.  What was meant to be a mini-trip to relax in the sun and read a few books became an adventure of chasing ghosts, sleeping in an old concentration camp surrounded by sharks, stumbling onto an incredible Namibian lodge and feeling the sensation of being the only human for as far as you can see.   There are other places in the world where you can stop and reflect, but only in Namibia have I ever understood what stars look like when there are no lights nearby; what sounds the desert makes and the thrill of exploring sand dunes and canyons with no hint of civilization in sight.  Here are my travel pictures of Fish River Canyon and Vogelstrausskluft Lodge.   Now get out there and go travel!

Go Travel: Fish River Canyon and Vogelstrausskluft Lodge

Life is full of surprises.  One of the nicest it’s thrown my way lately was Vogelstrausskluft Lodge.  Buried beneath the slew of letters that create the longest name I’ve ever mispronounced, there is an incredible place to stay in Namibia.

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Her Nibs Goes to Namibs

Namibia is ____________________________________________________________________.

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