Her Nibs Goes to Namibs

Namibia is ____________________________________________________________________.

That was my very lame attempt to try and show there are no words to properly describe my trip to Namibia, or NAM (seriously, that’s its nickname here in Africa, not the Nam you Americans were thinking of).  Or Namibs as I call it for no other reason than my uncle calls me Her Nibs and so this rhymes.  I like the sound of it actually.  It’s a bit like those baby books, Spot Goes to the Park or Brother Bear Goes to School.  This is a story called Her Nibs Goes to Namibs.  And, since it is a baby book, it’s more about the travel pictures than the words.  So, dear friends, let the ramble end here and let the pictures begin.  Maybe over the weekend I can manage to scrounge up a few words that more accurately describe this indescribable place.  For now, I give you…

Her Nibs Goes to Namibs

Her Nibs went to go travel Namibs.  So did Boyfriend JD.

 It was a place of sand and sun, and of lovely sea.

They went to see old ghost towns, covered in dunes of sand.

Many new places to explore were now close at hand.

They camped in Fish River Canyon and as they set up their tent…

They found the prints of leopard and followed where they went.

Leopard led them o’er rocks and cliffs to the magical river of Fish.

At night the stars shone bright above – and on them Her Nibs and JD did wish

Not exactly stars, but those pics didn't come out very well. Let's just pretend.

That one day soon they would return to this land of sand and sun.

They knew their adventures with Namibs had only just begun.


Possibly the worst children’s book ever written, but you get the idea.  Here’s to you, Namibs!


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12 responses to “Her Nibs Goes to Namibs”

  1. Allison says :

    Gorgeous pics!

  2. Alex says :

    Looks like an incredible trip.

  3. Mom says :

    Wow! Amazing pix.

    Glad to know that your eye for photography is better than your ear for poetry. 🙂

  4. Jo says :

    Fabulous photos, Kath! Loved the reference to Uncle Mike.

  5. Nicky says :

    I am so jealous!!!!

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