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Eternal Weekend

Sigh.  Why couldn’t it stay Sunday afternoon at Intercontinental, Da Nang forever?  There’s something magical about a whole day dedicated to beautiful scenery (and unlimited champagne) that puts you in the mood for Weekend.  Just add a few key players from California, UK and Aus (and a few much missed ones from South Africa and USA) and you’ve got the perfect moment of travel.

Mystical, Magical, Crazy Hot Hoi An

I was told Hoi An is overrated.  It’s not.  Here’s a little taste of my newest neighbor

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Pretty, pretty Vietnam

And because my last two weeks have been filled with starting a new job, learning to teach nine (yes, NINE) new curriculums and dodging my way through streets of scooters that are all out to get me, I have no great words of wisdom to give  you.  Not that they are ever words of wisdom, but this time I am fresh out of words completely.  So, instead, I will shut the what up and share this picture of pretty, pretty Vietnam.  This is the beach at the end of my block…now I remember why I moved here!

Winter Wildlife

Sigh.  Another reason to miss Cape Town.  Despite what you may have heard, Cape Town winters can’t be all that bad.   After all, this travel photo was taken in Kirstenbosch Gardens right smack in the middle of winter.  Just look at that blue sky!

Who wouldn’t want to be here?

But seriously, who?  On a lazy gray afternoon in Simon’s Town, Cape Town, these little fishing boats seemed so inviting…

When I Grow Up…

It was just your typical Saturday afternoon out in Hout Bay, Cape Town.  Tourists were dancing to the local band that had set up on the dock.  When this little brother and sister walked out to admire the band, I couldn’t help but snap a quick travel photo!

Ruler of All they See

This about sums up Cape Town for me.  Ocean, mountains, more ocean, more mountains and an incredible sense of having access to nature in its finest.

Why I Love Cape Town

As if the ocean, mountains and wine farms weren’t enough, here’s just one more reason to love Cape Town.  While most cities have botanical gardens, they aren’t exactly like Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.  Instead of perfectly trimmed bushes and color coded flower beds, you get a massive park of indigenous plants growing as big and beautiful as they can at Kirstenbosch.  Here trees, like this one, are free to go wild.  Throw in a backdrop of mountains and a few strategic benches, and you’ve got yourself one great garden!

An Elephant Doing What an Elephant Does

Hope you’re not sick of animal travel photots yet!  ‘Cause I got plenty more where this came from.

In my recent trip to the Kruger Park (yes, I am gloating as I write this) I was crazy lucky enough to see  animals in action. There were some hectic moments watching a lion kill, and three cheetahs stalk their prey.  But I was also lucky enough to see animals in more relaxed situations.  This elephant didn’t mind our car a few feet away.  He just went about his business, doing what an elephant does.

Yoga Class in Costa Rica

Taken in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, this travel photo shows a yoga class in action.  In this small part of the country a form of ribbon gymnastics called Le Tela (which literally translates to “The Fabric”) is popular.  I’d never seen anything like it outside of Cirque de Soleil, but was keen to try (note to readers: I was not as graceful as my friend in the picture!).