An Elephant Doing What an Elephant Does

Hope you’re not sick of animal travel photots yet!  ‘Cause I got plenty more where this came from.

In my recent trip to the Kruger Park (yes, I am gloating as I write this) I was crazy lucky enough to see  animals in action. There were some hectic moments watching a lion kill, and three cheetahs stalk their prey.  But I was also lucky enough to see animals in more relaxed situations.  This elephant didn’t mind our car a few feet away.  He just went about his business, doing what an elephant does.


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8 responses to “An Elephant Doing What an Elephant Does”

  1. michellejayne says :


  2. Bev says :

    Memories that will stay forever!

  3. Kate says :

    What a teaser! Please post more of these wonderful African creatures at home, in action. Thanks!

  4. Nicky says :

    What a treat! How could anyone ever hurt such a beautiful creation! I hope our kids and their kids get to experience this too!

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      I agree! It’s so refreshing to see how you (and so many South Africans) love and appreciate the animals here!

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