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The Other Side of the Hamptons

The Hamptons is not exactly the place you think of for a low-budget holiday.  But somehow JD managed to score us a free place to stay right smack in the middle of fancy pants Celebrityville, Hamptons (that’s not a real town, by the way).  We felt a bit out of place as we made our way past Richard Gere’s house and Christy Brinkley’s million dollar mansion.  Instead of Louis Vuitton bags, we had our backpacks.   Instead of bottles of champaign we had boxed wine.  But we weren’t about to complain!  We there during the early spring, the off season for Hampton social circles.  The skies were gray and it was deliciously chilly as we wandered empty streets and open beaches.  Instead of the usual glitzy Hampton scene, we spent our time exploring the shoreline.  This travel photo of JD was taken in the midst of one of our somewhat illegal trespassing moments as we made our way to a lonely dock.


What could it be?

This is by far my favorite travel photo from Costa Rica.  Can you guess what it is?

Here’s a hint: it is not dead.

(Here’s another: it snorts).  First class ticket to Cost Rica to whoever guesses right!*

*Please note that by “first class ticket” I mean “nothing”.

Travel Photo: Fish Light

This travel photo was taken here in Cape Town at the Two Oceans Aquarium.  The light was coming in through the aquarium just perfectly and captured the attention of everyone who walked by.