A Trip Out of Bounds


Boundary Waters is the world’s most welcoming and laid back border crossing. Instead of guards and guns are seemingly endless, slow lapping lakes, rivers and bays decorated in the wonderful rarity of complete isolation. Here you are among only a handful of adventurers allowed in each day. You pack out your own rubbish, make plans only when the weather tells you that you can, and do whatever you need to do right in the bushes. Here showers are freezing swims and all food becomes property of the surrounding co-op, cheeky chipmunks welcome.


Going there this summer was a treat of a trip. The weather was cool. The loons were keen to sing. And our guide’s name was Ramsey, as all good canoe guides should rightly be named.

We admired old Indian paintings, followed a 300-year-old fur trading route and were grateful to use canoe portages that have been around far longer than either USA or Canada as we know them now. The scenery was breath-taking without even trying. The fish seemed to want us to catch them (and tasted dang good when we did). At night we went to nature’s drive-in to watch the show of stars, stars, stars – we even caught the premiere of a meteorite shower. This is where campfire stories became more interesting, ghost stories more scary and the great expanse of nature all the more respected.


Boundary Waters is not normal blog material; it’s a well kept secret that I wouldn’t dare mention online except that I have approximately 3 readers, all of whom are related to me. So, considering let’s let the adventure-seeking cat out of the bag (gasp!). Boundary Waters should be your next trip.

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