Cambodia Travel Pictures

Cambodian stone carving

Cambodia is a difficult place to describe. Its beauty is tremendous.  And so is its poverty.  Siem Reap took me back hundreds of years to mystical sort of place.  Phnom Penh brought me back into a present where people continue to struggle.  The images I have of Camboida are good, bad and definitely unforgettable.  Here are a few.

visiting temples visit Cambodia ugly monkey Tomb Raider tree temple temples in Cambodia sunrise in Cambodia Phnom Penh holiday monks in Cambodia looking through Angkor Wat Killing Fields at Phnom Penh inside Angkor Wat holiday in Cambodia exploring Cambodia exploring Angkor Wat disgusting edible bugs dancers in Cambodia carvings at Angkor Wat Cambodian stone carving Cambodian graveyard Buddhist temple bike ridin in Siem Reap Angkor Wat at sunrise


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2 responses to “Cambodia Travel Pictures”

  1. Philip says :

    These are just amazing. I can see why this place is so hard to describe in words, but your pictures are priceless!

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