Life as a Slug of Leisure

slug of leisure

Who loves the spa?  This kid right here…the one typing in a semi-daze after her stressful two hour massage and facial.  Yeah, life’s rough sometimes.  Today was my first trip to the spa in my whole hard knock life.  Before today that was a source of pride for me.  I was too down-to-Earth to get caught up in all that seaweed wrap and hot rock fluff.

Now I take it all back.  I am no longer down-to-Earth; I am floating away on a cloud that smells like eucalypts leaves and lavender infused with love.  And I’m never coming back.

I feel 27 years younger, which doesn’t make sense but I’m too relaxed for logic.  Even when facing the siege of maniac scooters on the way home I couldn’t manage to awaken any feeling but wonderful.  Now that I have gloated profusely, I am back to my unicorn rainbow land of happiness.

Let the moonlight shine upon you and open  your heart to the splendor of the universe.  Believe in leprechauns and fairies, friends.



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6 responses to “Life as a Slug of Leisure”

  1. Mom says :

    You sure that all they gave you was a facial?

  2. Jo says :

    “I want what she’s having!”

    Lol, Nance!

  3. Nicky says :


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