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The Biggest Storm in the World: Typhoon Nari Through Third Graders’ Eyes

Danang typhoon October 14 2013

Last week Typhoon Nari came to Danang.  JD and I were lucky and suffered little more than some lost plants.  Even still, it was a proper scary night that involved me sleeping in my scooter helmet.  I wasn’t the only one who was nervous.  Here to tell you what a typhoon is really like in their own, unedited words, are my third grade students.


 That day I was so scary.  I don’t like storm.  My house dore is broke.  It is heavy.  I can’t hold it.  I’m very scary.  My house got water in it.   The wind was so big.  My house broke.  

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Typhoon Approaching

overview of typhoon

Yes, folks, there’s a typhoon headed our way…again.  Da Nang, Vietnam is forecast to be rocked by Mother Nature in T-minus five hours.  And I’m ready.   A few weeks ago there was rumor of a typhoon (complete with much stocking up of canned goods and beer) only for it to fizzle into heavy rain by the time it reached the coast.  For most people, this is a good thing, but I was disappointed.  I had been looking forward to sending home harrowing stories of swimming through city streets.

Having never actually been in a typhoon I assume they are a fun excuse to cuddle up indoors for a few days and then awaken to a wonderful new world of romantic canals and impromptu gondolas.  I imagine calling for a canoe to paddle me around town once the storm is over.  There might even be a parasol involved.  And all the while that I am living comfortably in my post-typhoon water world I will be earning bragging rights for surviving a natural disaster.  It’s surely a win-win.

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