The Biggest Storm in the World: Typhoon Nari Through Third Graders’ Eyes

Danang typhoon October 14 2013

Last week Typhoon Nari came to Danang.  JD and I were lucky and suffered little more than some lost plants.  Even still, it was a proper scary night that involved me sleeping in my scooter helmet.  I wasn’t the only one who was nervous.  Here to tell you what a typhoon is really like in their own, unedited words, are my third grade students.


 That day I was so scary.  I don’t like storm.  My house dore is broke.  It is heavy.  I can’t hold it.  I’m very scary.  My house got water in it.   The wind was so big.  My house broke.  

Typhoon Nari

I feel scers.  I see oll of the tree fell don.  A tree it oll fall on my home.  My famyl have no light to see.


I very scared.  I do homework very fast.  I help Mom and Dad cooked.  I see sky is very black, rain.  My house broken a window.  


Last Tuesday I felt bad. I saw the tree fall down the streat.  My house still okey but I saw many house has broke.  It was so terible.  I wist that storm never come back.  


On Tuesday it have Nari storm.  The bigest and strongest storm in the world.   I saw it blow my tree and blow my best cafe.  I’m ok.  I feel sad.

after a typhoon

My wers storm was this one.  I feel relly sick.  I sor trees forling and hous is braking aparter.  I didn’t like the storm!


Hi! I’m talking the sotrm it happen in Tuesday night.  Now I begin the story.  On day, I wake up and brush my teeth.  Then watched the TV.  When I open the TV, the TV told me is teh storm is aloud to go to DaNang.  When I hear it, I am very scary.  And I told my parents.  It Tuesday.  This night had a storm.  It a big storm.  My parent scared to.  But my brother didn’t scared.  He is very naughty.  He just being crazy.


The storm day start at 3 days ago.  It was so scary so we have to go home.  It was very sad, also the lights are darker and darker.  In the next day my house was full of water, even the school.  I’m so worried, I took a brush and bucket then I brush the water away with my baby brother.  When the storm is over we eat the breakfast then I do my homework.  It was a tired day.

day after the typhoon

My house was normal but my fish tank is ful of water.  Then the fish go out of the tank.  My father have to catch all of them and put in the tank again.  I feel very nervus.  


In the typhoon, the roof in my house has been blow away.  So my family have to move to my grandma house.  I am very scared.  The toilet in my neighbour has been blown away.  It was sort of funny.  


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4 responses to “The Biggest Storm in the World: Typhoon Nari Through Third Graders’ Eyes”

  1. Tania says :

    What a chilling, honest account of the typhoon. No hype, no theatrics–just real. All the more frightening.

  2. Jo says :

    I love your Guest Writers! I am very impressed. Tell them thanks for sharing.

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