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How to Overcome Travel Jealousy

Travel blogs love to talk about the backpacking community.  There’s this idea that all travelers are bound to one another by some cosmic energy; that their like-mindedness is the basis of a utopian society on the go.  In many ways I agree.  Mutual experience traveling – or even just a shared desire to travel – is an instant conversation starter.  Put me in a room with anyone who’s been anywhere and I’m interested to know their story.

But this world of Travelers Without Borders is not wholly perfect.  Just like in any community there is competition, misleading (intentional and unintentional) and jealousy.  Jealousy is a big one.

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What Not to Pack

Travel blogs love to tell you what to pack.  Fair enough, for new travelers – especially backpackers – it can be difficult to prioritize what to take, especially when you’ll have to carry all of it around on your back wherever you go.  But I’ve found that these travel blog suggestions tend to go a bit overboard.   Pretty soon you find that you’re set for any situation that could possibly arise – and have a thousand pound bag to drag around.  To help eliminate the unnecessary, and give your poor back a bit of relief, here are my suggestions of what NOT to pack.

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Wow.  What else can I say?  Well maybe Thank You.  No that’s not enough.  A Big Thank You.  Still not enough.  A Big Ol’ Fat Honkin’ THANK YOU (that’s more like it) to the amazing readers, friends and supporters of Beyond Disney Travel Tips for making yesterday our BIGGEST day ever.

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