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Your Monday Moment of Awe: Balcony Sightings

Mondays are downers.  After the high of the weekend it’s easy to slump into a coffee cup depression as you hit your desk to start off a new week.  But it doesn’t have to be like that.  All around you are incredible sights, incredible experiences and incredible places to travel.  All around you are moments of awe.

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Go Travel to the City

When You’re Wrong, You’re Wrong

Time for me to eat my own words.  After espousing the grandeur of the middle of nowhere and bashing the foolishness of spending Valentine’s Day at a  fancy pants restaurant in the city, I went on to spend Valentine’s Day at a fancy pants restaurant in the city.

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When Mild is Spicy and Now is Later

You’ve been there. Your eyes run almost as fast as your nose.   Your tongue sticks out Gene Simmons style begging for water like you’ve been rescued from the desert.  At some point you may begin to rock back and forth or curl into a ball.  You might not realize how you look at the time, but your buddies will be sure to imitate it for years to come once you’re back home.  Sometime after the burning (and sobbing) has subsided you laugh, or try to laugh, at yourself and remember you can’t handle the spicy curry in India.

Welcome to looking like an idiot.

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African taxis: friend or foe?

South Africa doesn’t need roller coasters for thrills.  It doesn’t need video games or ping ball machines.  It has taxis.  For just over three rand (about 40 cents) you get not only transportation but also an…experience.

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