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Cape Town Unrequited Love

4I’ve met the best city in the world.  She’s beautiful; she’s cultural; she’s fun and interesting and she makes me happy.  She’s the city of my dreams.  And, wait, I’ve known her before.

Cape Town, the Mother City, is my one who got away.

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Travel Makes No Sense

Ah, Cape Town…

Can you believe it?  My fourth day here and I ran into an old friend!  All the way over here in Vietnam!  His name is San Miguel.  We used to hang out a bit when I lived in Spanish Harlem, and suddenly right in the middle of the market…there he was!  Well hello, Delicious.  We meet again.

But truth is I did not move to Asia to drink San Miguel.  Or to eat KFC.  Or pizza – why does every person here ask if I like pizza?  Just because I’m American does not mean I love pizza.  Ok, fine, I do love pizza (damn you, Accurate Stereotype!), but that’s beside the point.   The question is: why did I move to Vietnam?

Because I’m a big, fat dummy.

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Winter Wildlife

Sigh.  Another reason to miss Cape Town.  Despite what you may have heard, Cape Town winters can’t be all that bad.   After all, this travel photo was taken in Kirstenbosch Gardens right smack in the middle of winter.  Just look at that blue sky!

The One Who Let Me Get Away

My guardian angel didn’t look the way I expected.  I had always imagined big wings and a halo of sorts.  Instead she had a sharp Eastern European accent and told me to hurry up; she didn’t have all day.  And yet, it was undeniably, her.  She was the Delta airline representative who singlehandedly saved the airline’s reputation (at least for me) and saved me 32 unnecessary hours in the Atlanta airport.  She’s the one – the only one- I met in my recent airport adventure who agreed me that there must be another way; that having to wait an extra three days because of one delayed flight (that caused me to miss my subsequent connecting flight) was ridiculous.  She was even the one who recorded that my first flight was delayed due to mechanical problems, not the weather, so I could score a free hotel room for the night (*note to travelers: airlines offer no compensation if delays are caused by weather – go figure).  She is the one who let me get away – away from sweltering heat Atlanta and back to lovely Cape Town.

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Ruler of All they See

This about sums up Cape Town for me.  Ocean, mountains, more ocean, more mountains and an incredible sense of having access to nature in its finest.

Why I Love Cape Town

As if the ocean, mountains and wine farms weren’t enough, here’s just one more reason to love Cape Town.  While most cities have botanical gardens, they aren’t exactly like Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.  Instead of perfectly trimmed bushes and color coded flower beds, you get a massive park of indigenous plants growing as big and beautiful as they can at Kirstenbosch.  Here trees, like this one, are free to go wild.  Throw in a backdrop of mountains and a few strategic benches, and you’ve got yourself one great garden!

Go Travel: Cape Town Coastline

Cape Town is a beautiful city to go travel.  The rolling wine farms, intense mountains and long beaches are outstanding.  After living here for over two years I thought I “knew” Cape Town, but a recent sail boat ride proved me wrong.

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What makes a great travel spot?

Why is Cape Town the top travel destination in the world?  According to Tripadvisor it’s more beloved by travelers than the serene beaches of Indo, the mountains of Switzerland or the frenzy of New York.   So what makes it so great?  After two years in the Mother City, I have a hunch.

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Appreciate Where You Are

Cape Town is the number one travel destination in the world.

Its beaches, mountains, history and wine have launched it ahead of all the other Destination Greats like Sydney, Rio and, the ultimate cool city, Barcelona.  Hey, I’m not making this up.   Tripadvisor said so.  And who dare question the great Tripadvisor?  As a current resident of this fair city it’s an honor to know my home of the last two years is topping bucket lists across the globe.

And it’s also a little strange.

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