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What’s that, Calendar?  It’s vacation time again?  Well, if you insist…

One of the most amazing parts of working at in international school in Vietnam is that you get time off for both Christmas holidays and Tet holidays.  That’s right.  After a mere three weeks back in school, I’m getting ready to pack up and jet off again.

places to travel for Tet

This time it’s back to the Mother Country.  Yebo, South Africa!

It seems fitting to visit my home country for Christmas and JD’s home country for Tet. After all, both holidays are all about family, and both JD and I are both well stocked on family.  My trip to USA was a whirlwind of parents, siblings, pets and 30 cousins (that’s what you get for being Catholic in the Midwest).  It was a fun, crazy, too-short BLAST of a trip!

Now the family theme continues as JD and I jaunt off to catch up with the more zebra-inclined side of the family, who I haven’t seen since I moved to Vietnam.  We’re landing in Johannesburg and booked in at the amazing Lawrence Lodge (which just happens to belong to JD’s mom).  We’re sprinting down to Cape Town to catch up with cousins, friends and the kite surfing.  And to top it all off, we’re going for a family wedding.  JD’s brother and his lovely bride-to-be are gettin’ hitched.  No ways are we missing out on that great party!  We fly in just in time for the stags, the hens and all the other animals used in describing wedding parties.

This happy pup is ready for Family: Round 2.  South Africa, here I come!


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2 responses to “Ready to Go”

  1. Frances says :

    Have a great trip. Can’t wait to hear the stories!

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