Hot or Cold?

Which is better: a beach vacation or a snow holiday?  No really, I want to know.  You’re probably thinking beach, but is that because you really prefer it or because beaches tend to wind up on the front of travel brochures?

The reality is that it’s hot here.  Really hot.  Not “Ooo…warm and sunny” hot.  More like, “Ooo…my skin is melting off” hot.  And so at the moment the best thing in the world sounds like a trip to some snowy winter wonderland.  Then again you might be freezing your toes off in a never-ending hell of cold and wishing you could bake in the heat of Africa for a while.

So you tell me, what’s the best vacation to take?

Now because it is hot and I am (needless to say) very cranky we’ll keep this one short and sweet, ending off with a few of my favorite beach and snow pictures.

Looks so nice and cold...

Beautiful, wonderful I miss thee.

Ready for a swim!


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6 responses to “Hot or Cold?”

  1. Clancy says :

    Definitely beach vacations are better. Maybe its because your hot right now, but if you were here in Iowa where I am you’d be begging to go to the beach and get out of this cold!

  2. Jerry says :

    You’re crazy. The best day is after you’ve been out skiing and then come in to warm up by the fire…snow vacation wins!

  3. Clancy says :

    Ah! Jerry! I knew you would have to say something! Just bc we didn’t go to Vail last year…

  4. Leanne says :

    Hot! I’ve never been so hot that I start crying. I’ve never been depressed because of the heat. I’ve never run out of clothes in the heat… This one’s a no-brainer for me!

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      Haha! Good thing you live in Jo’burg! Still, one day I’ll drag you along to on a ski vacation that might just change your mind…

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