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Oh by Golly Have a Holly Jolly Bali Holiday


Some places make you happy.  Some even make you downright giddy. Bali is such a place.  It refuses to be anything less than an annoyingly cliché travel brochure of sunshine pictures that make you smile.

Although I claimed to have no expectation for visiting Bali, I secretly did.  In fact, it was the number one place I wanted to see when I moved to Asia.  Bali is just so…Balinese.  It always looked like it had it all – volcanoes, rice terraces, jungle, gorgeous water, culture and that infamous architecture I’d seen glimpses of in every yoga studio ever designed.  So while I didn’t quite know where we’d we go or what we’d do in Bali, I figured it’d be good.

It was.  In fact, it was incredible.

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