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Go Travel Namibia Part III: Strange Soup

Sticking with our theme of Strange, JD and I headed on from Kolmanskop ghost town to the coastal town of Luderitz, Namibia.

Luderitz is strange for many reasons.  The first is that it’s a German town in the middle of Africa.  Gazuntite!  The second is that with a population of four humans and a cat, it’s the biggest town we encountered in our 1100 kilometer drive up the west coast of Africa.  The third is that it is home to the world’s first extermination camp (which just happened to be our campsite).  Add in some dramatic rocks, shark infested waters and the annual Crayfish Festival and you’ve got a recipe for Strange Soup, which JD and I slurped down hungrily.

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Go Travel Namibia Part II: Squatters, Bowling and Blingin’ Ghosts

Now, ladies and gentlemen, we head west into the heart of Namibia’s nothingness.  Goodbye, Fish River Canyon.  Hello, Kolmanskop ghost town.  Although this town might be lacking in night time entertainment, the ghosts aren’t complaining. Lame joke.  After all, they struck it rich with diamonds during their time here on Earth and are now flashing their bling in the After World – I hear lady ghosts love that sort of thing.  Wow, Kath, the jokes are not getting any better.  Plus, that was a little bit sexist.

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