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Waiting for Your Next Trip

Global travelers define themselves by, well, their travels.  But what about the downtime in between trips?  What do  you do while you wait at home for your next great trip to happen?  I’ve recently become an official contributing writer at the travel blog, I Should Log Off.  My most recent guest post, The Delicious Anticipation of Your Next Trip, gives travelers like you a few tips on how to enjoy the time spent NOT traveling.  Take a look at the article for some travel ideas that will help transform your downtime into play time.

Happy travels!

Theme Travel

Planning a trip is often centered on a particular place.   You’ve always wanted to see Fiji, Estonia, Chile.  There’s something about the culture or the history that draws you to that particular edge of the Earth.  You buy your travel books and learn what foods and customs to expect on this point on the map.

However there are other ways to plan a trip.  Take theme travel, for instance.  People do it all the time and it doesn’t involve elaborate costumes or lady boys.

Theme travel is any type of travel that focuses on what you’re doing, not where you’re doing it.  It may or may not be a real expression, but I think it works.  Often theme travel takes you to areas of the world you would have otherwise overlooked.

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