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Deauville-Trouville-Adjacent “Fleurs”

Normandy fruit

There’s nowhere like Normandy.

This northern corner of France sucked us in like flies to a Venus Fly Trap.  We went expecting to relax in the sun, surrounded by pretty flowers.  Instead we got an unforgettable trip through one of the most welcoming, historical and daydream-inspiring places I’ve ever met.

In short, here’s where we went and why we loved it.

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Nowhere like Normandy

nowhere like normandy

In the middle of Normandy this summer, in a tiny hotel in a tiny town, I fell even more in love with France.  While the cheese and wine may help, it was more than that.  Je ne sais quoi, maybe it was the joie de vivre or the soup du jour.  Either way, France was absolutely magical.