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Old Snobs, Riding Elephants

Old means different things to different people.  At age 16, 27 seems old.  At age 27, 67 seems old.    At age 67, it’s 97 that’s really wicked old.  And I assume by the time you’re 97 you’re too old to bother with old.  It’s the same with buildings.  In USA anything over 20 years is old.  100 years?  Ancient.  Meanwhile over in Granddaddy Europe a 100 year building is barely out of diapers.  It’s all relative.  But here in Asia old should be Old.  After all, the Vietnamese people have existed for something like 45 million years.  Or 4,000.  Some big number of years.  So naturally they should have some 45 million year old buildings, or at least 4,000.  Really anything over 500 will do.

It was with this flawlessly educated mindset that I recently trekked away through jungle and o’er mountains far to reach the ancient imperial city of Hue.

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