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Dancin’ Like a Sneaker

live in the moment

The present is a giftLive for the moment.  Be here, be now.

As a semi-professional daydreamer it’s harder done than said.  It’s not that I’m escaping the present.  It’s that in my daydream world the future can be just oh-so-enticing.  There’s so much to look forward to; so much to hope for, to work for, to be distracted by; so many reasons to end prepositions on.  The present is wonderful.  But sometimes the future is even more intoxicating with its adventurous ambiguity.

Yet lately I find that the present is winning out.  Even I am more and more often knocked back from Cloud World to breathe in the scooter smoke and roasting chicken moments that are Now.

And it’s wonderful.

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