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How to Sniff Out the Crazy

Whether you’re at home or overseas it’s important that you take your vitamins, put on sunscreen and, of course, Beware of the Crazies (or BOTC, as a tribute to my last post, TIA).    Perhaps you’ve managed to surround yourself with semi-normals and are unaware of, or have simply forgotten the workings of the Crazies.  Fortunately for you, I encounter Crazies both in travels and in my hometown, and am well versed in their antics.

The most important thing to remember about Crazies is that they make terrible travel companions.  Sure, they might seem tons-of-fun at first and get you to “push your limits” by riding zebras bareback or getting a traditional (read: painful) Thai tattoo.  But once the initial adrenaline (and tequila) wears off you’ll be left with one over hyped ball of nuts.

What might be "fun" on day 1 becomes "crazy" by day 5

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