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A Little Bit of Lazy Does a Baby Good

And so we come to a time of halt. Where there is nowhere to go and nothing to do but face the daily mundane with pure relish. A million disclaimers aside (which collectively reveal my extreme privilege in a time of unprecedented uncertainty – I know my house will still be mine tomorrow, and I know the paycheck will come at the end of at least this month), I am suddenly left with the delicious treat of time.

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Social Distancing in a time of Social Media

interviewing coronavirus

Well hello there, international pandemic and social media influencer, Coronavirus! Sorry, I meant #coronavirus, or #CoronavirusOutbreak – which do you prefer to go by?

[Laughs nervously.] Umm…whatever. Coronavirus, I guess. Coron.

Well then, Coron, thanks for coming on today. You are just everywhere these days. How does it feel to be the most talked about sensation of the year?

Yeah, I never really anticipated this level of hype. I just thought, you know, I’d be just another ignored disease as long as I stayed in Asia and Africa. But then white people picked me up, and things just went wild.

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