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How much Travel Planning is really Necessary?

Ahh!  I forgot to post the link to this earlier!  Here is my most recent guest post on the travel blog, I Should Log Off.  It’s called (you guessed it) “How much Travel Planning is really Necessary?”   Spoiler alert: the answer is…not that much.  Read to find out why!

How to Visit Expensive Places on a Low Budget

Even if you don’t wear fancy pants on a regular basis, you can afford to visit fancy pants locales.   The elite, exclusive and over the top travel destinations are possible to see.  That’s right even the bummiest of you bums can find a way to visit the South of France or the Hamptons.  What’s the secret to visiting an expensive place on a budget?

Fake it.  You don’t need to be rich to live rich.  By following the advice below you can make your dream vacation a reality.

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