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We Seek a Pleasant Peninsula


Our favorite mitten state will soon be home.  Again.  We’re moving to Michigan!  The mild weather, the swaying palm trees are calling us.  Oh, wait.  It will be a big, dual peninsula adjustment in many ways, but I am delighted to be a Michigander once more.

Michigan has always been my home.  And I’ve missed it.  From the far ‘way reaches of Vietnam, I thought Washington would be close enough to make a longer-term place to put my hat.  Then we moved here and realized it’s still flipping far.  Then there was Roger and an inexplicably strong desire to be physically closer to at least one side of the family, since, unfortunately we can’t be close to both.  Then there was our magical trip home at Christmas – full of Roger Reveals and sharing our family’s delight at our soon-to-be baby as they shared ours.  For JD and me, it suddenly seemed obvious that, while Washington is beautiful and full of wonderful new friends, Michigan is our base here in the US – not a small statement considering Michigan weather averaged -10 on our trip.

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More than Meets the Mitten

michiganMichigan is the best place in the USA.* While the Midwest is easy to describe in corn fields and mud boggin’ red necks,  Michigan has more going on than what first meets the mitten.

Michigan has more coastline than the entire eastern seaboard of the USA.  I’ll say it again, this time in all caps, MICHIGAN HAS MORE…you get the idea.  But really, think about that for just a sec.  That’s a whole lot of moody rocky shore, white sand stretches and Normandy-esq coastal towns that seem to specialize in strange art and microbrew beer.  It’s intense.

Nestled within the world’s largest fresh water source, that just happens cozy up next to Michigan, are countless islands blessed with even more coast and pines.

Michigan has so much forest that we rebuilt Chicago.  All of it.  Trees are in no short supply, which creates nearly unlimited opportunities to camp everywhere, all the where and roast marshmallows a-plenty.

We have had have cars but have learned from recent events to diversify.  Alongside hubcaps and mufflers we also have home-grown wine, home brewed coffee, co-op produced clothes and Petoskey jewelry.  We have a force–to-be-reckoned with Revive Detroit movement that’s producing the coolest designs, bicycles and dog tag inspired necklaces.  Who knew?  We have authors, musicians, corrupt politicians and education reformers.  We’re so good at sports that we’ve even managed to make ridiculous camp counselor-style necklaces cool in our take-me-out-to-the-ball-game passion.

Here’s where to visit along the west side of the state.

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