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Help with Sunscreen

dancin in the street

Living overseas finds sneaky ways of making regular distance relationships into long distance, even if only temporarily.  Travel for work, to visit family, to be in friends’ weddings is that much farther and, therefore, warrants time apart for that much longer.  With JD gone for a few weeks I am once again in Vietnam by myself.  My sad, little self.  All by lonesome,  just like when I first arrived.

Only not.  Unlike when I first moved to Vietnam by myself, this time I am not alone.

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…That’s what Friends are For (puke)

Isn’t it wonderful to travel to new places?  Isn’t it divine to climb new mountains, explore unknown caves and walk along the shores of foreign beaches?

Sure.  But it can be lonely.  Coming to a new place means leaving behind all familiarities, from well-loved family members to delicious Ranch dressing.  Travel  guarantees moments of awkwardness, discomfort and – above all – a hyper awareness that you are all alone in the great big yonder.

And so it’s great to meet friends.

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