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Ready to Dig In

What if you had told me I’d wind up in Vietnam for five years?  That I’d live here, all of all places, for longer than I’ve lived anywhere other than my parents’ house as a kid?  What if I had seen this house as my home instead of the forbidding Haunted Mansion?  What if I’d framed pictures instead of using each trip home as a way to offload a suitcase of souvenirs onto my very space-generous mom?  What if I had fully embraced Da Nang from the beginning?

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Dancin’ Like a Sneaker

live in the moment

The present is a giftLive for the moment.  Be here, be now.

As a semi-professional daydreamer it’s harder done than said.  It’s not that I’m escaping the present.  It’s that in my daydream world the future can be just oh-so-enticing.  There’s so much to look forward to; so much to hope for, to work for, to be distracted by; so many reasons to end prepositions on.  The present is wonderful.  But sometimes the future is even more intoxicating with its adventurous ambiguity.

Yet lately I find that the present is winning out.  Even I am more and more often knocked back from Cloud World to breathe in the scooter smoke and roasting chicken moments that are Now.

And it’s wonderful.

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