Eight Pound Person


We humans love tiny. Leprechauns, elves and fairies captivate with all they contain in just a small space.  Makes sense, then, that my most intriguing, most magical new friend is one very little person.

Our daughter is now three and a half weeks old.  We have given her a new home in Michigan, genes that will cause her to sunburn more often than tan, and the best name we could think of – Julia London Lawrence.  She has given us an understanding of the frustratingly indescribable love new parents, or really just parents, talk about that makes no sense until it does.  She has ten little toes with even littler toe nails.  She has a perfect nose and beautiful eyes.  She has a belly that JD says reminds him of a frog when she breathes deeply.  She has an outstanding yoga position and lovely, soft newborn skin.

I hoped for all that.  Well, actually I hoped for Healthy, Happy, Good throughout my pregnancy.  The cuteness is a bonus.

What I didn’t expect is that, along with her toes, her nose, her eyes and tummy, she has her own self.  She is not an extension of me or JD; she’s her own.  Since the womb she’s had a distinct personality.  But before meeting Julia face to face I wondered how much of that personality was my own superimposed expectation and excitement.  No, it was her.

Although in many ways we’re still getting acquainted, I know her.  Julia is a wise old soul.  She understands more than her infant fuzz hair would make you think.  Her vocabulary may be lacking but her intuition is fully charged and not yet contaminated by self-doubt.  Julia has a sense of humor.  She made a joke in her first week of life and has a distinctive tell when she thinks she’s funny.  Julia is a good person.  She only asks for what she needs, even though the needs alone can sometimes seem overwhelming.  Julia likes dancing, likes having her feet held, and being outside and doing her Strength and Conditioning routine with Daddy.  She does epic stretches after her meals and makes sweet little happy squeaks when she’s eating.  She will continue to develop and change throughout her whole life, but she is perfect just as she is right now.

Julia is her own, exquisitely complete eight-pound person.



4 responses to “Eight Pound Person”

  1. Marty says :

    Julia London Lawrence. What a beautiful name! She sounds like a person I’d like to know. Congratulations!

  2. Kelsey McDonald says :

    This made me cry. It is perfect, as is Julia. As are you. I love you and the human you are raising.

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      Aw, Kels, thank you. I love you and miss you and look forward to the day Julia can meet you and your wonderful boys.

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